Beleaf Cannabis

Beleaf Cannabis is a trusted source for amazing selected phenos for licensed growers. SELECTOR OF WHITE TRUFFLE BRED BY FRESH COAST: We are located in Tulsa Oklahoma. We pheno hunt thousands of phenos at a time from respected and amazing breeders in the industry such as Inhouse Genetics, Solfire,  Canarado, Square1 Genetics, Compound, LIT Farms, Fresh Coast Seed Co, ThugPug, Calyx Bros and many, many more. We have been operational for over 7 years as BeLeaf and have over 30 years of cultivation experience. We will soon be in over 40+ countries- following all legal guidelines- as well as facilitating fire all around the united states. We treat every plant with the utmost RASPECT and LOVE in every process. BOOM FIYA 💥 🔥 ❤️‍🔥❤️💛💚


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