Fast Buds – West Coast OG

5 Automatic Feminized Seeds Per Pack

Mostly Indica

Genetics: OG Kush (West Coast)

Flower Cycle: 8-9 Weeks

Harvest: XL

Height: 70-100 cm

THC: Very High

CBD: Low


OG…a name opulent with meaning: legendary, mysterious origins lost in the mists of lore and time. A strain that retained its championship status due to its fundamental nature, with different varieties consistently awarded the recognition of all major World Cups. A straight-up indispensable weed from the point of view of its medicinal properties, which allow it to successfully treat stress, depression, migraines, bipolar disorder and ADD/ADHD. Most importantly, one of the most desirable effects for any smoker; the perfect balance of relaxation and happiness, stone and high, and power as well as duration of effect. What to expect from OG from FastBuds? All of the above in superlatives!

Fast Buds – West Coast OG Feminized



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