FANG (formerly GGG)

NAME: Diamond Fruit

CROSS: Hardcore OG s1 Kremlin OG x TKBX Power (RAB Collab)



**Extremely Limited**

Diamond Fruit - Hardcore OG s1 Kremlin OG x TKBX Power (RAB Collab)


The mother is an S1 from the Hardcore OG. The Hardcore OG is a legend in LA. One of the best tasting OG cuts that started in LA. The Russian Assassin Boyz were one of the first to take it to market and one of the few growers of the fabled cut. The S1s from the Hardcore OG so flavorful themselves that they started multiple companies in California like West Coast Cure. The Hardcore OG S1 Kremlin cut is a next level cut selected by RAB which has the OG Kush greasy, gas terp profile that sticks to the nose and lasts through the joint. This contains the flavor that connoisseurs want. The Kremlin has been bred into the Solstice and the Myriad. @starlabs710 just placed first with the Myriad dabs. She grows Diamond encrusted bracts stacked from the inside out. Very little leaves and incredibly easy to trim. This cross combines the pinnacle of OG Kush with a modernized Triangle Kush male to offer OG expressions unseen by the industry.


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