In House Genetics – Flap Jacks

Genetics: MacFlurry x Pancakes (London Pound Cake 75 X Kush Mints 11)

10+ feminized seeds

60 – 75 days

In House Genetics - Flap Jacks (GOLD PACK)


Flap Jacks is the fruit of the fusion of Macflurry (mac1 x slurricane #7) and Pancakes (London pound cakes 75 x kush mints 11). She is a plant with tons of branches, long spears and buds with a heavy amount of frosting. A Beautiful strain with amazing terps, mac and kush mints notes combined with stanky gas and a tinge of sweetness on the exhale. The high will give you a heavy eye effect and will stick you to the couch, washing away all stress!


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