CROSS: Dominion Skunk x Joesy’s Breath (OGKB x Locktite)

Flowering time: 8-10 weeks (Depending on Pheno)

**All SKB packs come with a random, free, full pack of one of the following:
Locktite F2, Tree Spirit, or Blueberry Iced Cream.
(The freebie pack is pre-packed with the Skunk Kush Breath so no choice required.))

Skunk Kush Breath - Dominion Skunk x Joesy's Breath (OGKB x Locktite)


Skunk Kush Breath – Dominion Skunk x Joesy’s Breath (OGKB x Locktite)

Looking for cookies that will stand out from the rest? We all are. The next generation of cookies has arrived. Look for purple phenos exhibiting dark purple hues, while emitting stomach turning skunk fumes. Looking for more cookie? Musky Skunk phenos with classic OGKB bag appeal are commonly found as well. Lots of color, tight bud structure, frosty as a snowman, and stank for days! There’s no hiding when you light up this hybrid. People will find you. Growers please use caution during cultivation. This is not a good choice for stealth growers, or anyone else who’s safety maybe compromised by the overpowering stench. Extremely limited release!


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