Romulan Genetics – Ceiling Licker (F1)

JB Chem x Romulan

10 Reg Seeds

Flowering time 10 weeks

Romulan Genetics - Ceiling Licker (F1)


Ceiling Licker (F1)

It is not yet known if Ceiling Licker actually has a ceiling less high (meaning that the more you smoke, the more intensely medicated you become without a noticeable limit). But that is just because it is so potent, that attempting to find its “ceiling” has been a challenge. Smoking large amounts, or taking dabs of this cultivar will send you into a couch locked abyss. Sleeping, or total brain shut down, can be expected if you partake in too much of this. With that said, she is a truly amazing smoke. Intense indica dominant effects, with strong body releaxtion and an instant ticket to braindead city. Tastes and smells consist of Pine, Acrid, Astringent, Earthy, Gas notes and very light floral hints. The exhale is tasty, smooth, and slams you quickly. Ceiling Licker is easy to grow, and has a fairly homogenous progeny with only around a 20% variation. The more rare genotypes will exhibit dark purple colors in the leaves, while the more common genotype has a Chem flower structure and appearance. The common phenos taste more of Pine, while the purple phenos tend to lean towards a more floral combination. This release is extremely limited.

Format Standard Photoperiod
Sativa / Indica ratio 80 % INDICA / 20 % SATIVA
Flowering indoors 10 weeks
Flowering outdoors
Mid-Late October
Yield Average
Resistance against spider mites Below Average
Resistance against powder mildew Average
Resistance against botrytis Average
Resistance against cold Average
Resistance against heat Below Average
Genetics JB Chem x Romulan
Structure Christmas tree style structure, with minimal stretching and good nodal spacing, 1-2x stretch
Bouquet Pine, Acrid, Astringent, Earthy, Gas, Floral
High Intense, couch lock, indica dominant. Long lasting effects.
Growing Tips Sensitive to high heat, overwatering, and has a low resistance to mites/thrips.


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