Romulan Genetics

Communion S1

(Grapestomper OG x Durban Poison) x Romulan


Communion S1 - (Grapestomper OG x Durban Poison) x Romulan


Commmuinion is a very tasty, dense nug, and well balanced strain. She packs on large yields throughout most of the phenotypes, and brings a wonderful grape taste and scent. The effects are very well balanced, and as for the high it is one of our most favorites here at RG. Clear headed, very immersed and saturated even at low dosages. Be careful of smoking too much, as she can sneak up on you and totally floor you. A very easy to grow plant, with only a slight variety in the phenotypes. Almost all will bring a variety of grape flavors, while one known pheno has a unique lime-grape scent and taste.


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