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Blue Power IX2 Box Set
-Regular Seeds 15 Seeds Per Pack-
Blue Power IX2 – Blue Power F2 x Blue Power IX1
Infatuation – Jealousy BX x Blue Power IX2
Overpower – King Louis XIII x Blue Power IX2
Coconut Cloud – RS11 x Blue Power IX2
Nuclear Power – GMO x Blue Power IX2
Sake’ – Apples & Bananas x Blue Power IX2
Choking Hazard – Gushers x Blue Power IX2
Ice Caps – Ice Cream Cake x Blue Power IX2
Beach Truffle – White Truffle x Blue Power IX2
    -Full Size Bonus Packs 15 Regular or 7 Feminized Seeds Per Pack-
Most Cream – Oreoz x Blue Power IX2
Atlantis (FEM) – Forbidden Fruit x Blue Power IX2
    -Box Set Exclusive Pack (Only Available with this set) 15 Regular Seeds Per Pack-
Fear And Loathing – Nightmare Cookies x Blue Power
Blue Power Sticker Pack
Gift Card For Free Blue Power T-Shirt at
Sin City Seeds

SIN CITY SEEDS – Blue Power Box Set

Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $359.40.

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